June 2017


Rush, rush, rush – a busy month! Everything growing at a rocket’s pace, especially the weeds. Maybe it’s because I am using raised beds with new soil/compost but the only weed that really troubles me on the plot is bindweed. I guess it is because it grows up from the soil below the bed. Anyway, picking, hacking, ripping it out often has got to work – eventually!

June was the month of the Berkeley Show. The show had been cancelled for the last two years due to appalling weather in August – so the organisers decided to bring it forward to June this year.
I entered as many classes as I could with the produce available and, same as Dursley last year, I was gobsmacked with my results:

A bunch of spring onions – 1st Prize
5 peas in pods – 1st Prize
A bunch of Radish – 1st Prize
A basket of baby veg – 1st Prize
4 new potatoes – 2nd Prize
2 lettuce – 2nd Prize
A selection of salad leaves – 2nd Prize
A cabbage – 3rd prize
6 strawberries – 3rd prize
and to cap it all
A trophy for best veg and a trophy for best in the horticultural section!

I also entered a few baking classes with similar success:

2 pasties – 2nd prize
5 cheese scones – 2nd prize

Corn Swift F1 at the back with Bryony’s Father’s Day corn at the front

Giant marrow creeping well

Shallots about ready to pick

Red Baron Onions

Hytech Onions

Cauli & Garlic from the plot



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