Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, to say that the months of April and May are the busiest of the year is an understatement!

So much sowing, pricking out, potting on and finally planting out.
This year (so far) I have started off 92 different vegetables or varieties of veggies. I would list them all but it would fill the page!

I’ll show you how the onion beds etc are coming along on the allotment and in the next post I’ll show some of the pots and containers of vegetables that are taking off.


Elephant Garlic not far off harvesting!
Onion “Radar” planted Oct 2018
Shallot “Jermor” complete with a Leek Moth Pheromone Trap (It suckers the male moth into thinking there is a female in the trap and he gets stuck to the glue surface – no baby moths!!)
And garlic coming along nicely!
The long onion, shallot & leek bed


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