Leek & Potato Soup

Leek & Potato Soup. 

Like any soup, there is no set recipe or set quantities – just play it by ear.

Finely chop a medium onion, 3 leeks and 2 medium sized potatoes.
Melt 50g of butter in a big pan, add the veg and stir to coat with butter.
Season with salt & pepper.
Pop a lid on the pot, turn down to a low heat and let the veg sweat for 15 minutes.
Add 1000ml of veg stock, 300ml of milk and 50ml of single cream. Bring back to the boil then turn down to a low heat for 20 minutes to soften the veg.
Pulverise it all in a food processor a bit at a time so it all the veg bits disappear, put it all back in a big container and stir (to make the whole lot taste the same).
Pour into containers, dress with a few herbs, label, allow to cool, then freeze.

Chopped veg sweating for 15 minutes
1000ml veg stock, 300ml milk, 50ml cream added. 20 minutes to soften veg
Blitzed in a processor and topped with a sprig of Fennel
Hey Presto – Leek & Potato Soup ready for freezing!