Pickled Eggs – with a Twist!

I feel a bit embarrassed telling you how to make pickled eggs – if you can’t do this then maybe you should give up pickling! 🙂


Boil eggs
Cool eggs quickly
Peel eggs
Put eggs in jars
Add herbs – Thyme is great with eggs
Pour white vinegar over eggs
Label & store

The twist – use left over pickled beetroot juice with the white vinegar to get nice pink & red eggs! (Or buy a cheap jar of beetroot, use the juice and then top the jar up with the white vinegar that you didn’t use)

Boil eggs for 7-10 minutes then plunge into cold water
Peel eggs
Prepare herbs of your choice – Thyme is good!
Put eggs in a jar, add herbs and white vinegar
Use Pickled Beetroot juice to make red/pink eggs
Label & store