25 Aug 2018

A productive hour up on the plot this morning.
Only there for a short while but I managed to get the worst of the weeds out of the raised beds and use the strimmer on the pathways.
Plucked some French Beans, Broad Beans, Beetroot and Carrots for tomorrow’s roast. Using my own spuds too, not sure which variety yet!
I had a nice surprise when I was up at the plot. The council have cut down the trees and bushes at the end of my allotment. I offered to do this 3 years ago but I was told not to! Go figure, duh. Oh I know, the houses backing on to the site have complained and the council have acted.
Not moaning – save me weeks of work!

Anyway, here’s the plot tour.

And here is a surprising result from a single eye on a sliver of skin from a Ramos potato.




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