15 Sept 2018

Up the plot today at 9am.
I wanted to have a moment there to try and figure out what to do with the “new” area. Still none the wiser. I applied brushwood killer to the brambles and tree stump – fingers crossed. Why on earth the council did not do a proper job, Lord only knows.  The area was cut down a few weeks ago and already some of the brambles are 6″ long!
I took the climbing beans and their frames down – I know you are “supposed” to leave the bean roots in the ground so that the nitrogen nodules are there for next year – but mine are in the compost bin and a bag of fertliser will do the trick in 2019.
Back home I turned out a few more pots of potatoes – good results! The Maxine spuds are already converted to mashed potatoes and ready to freeze! The Ramos are drying ready for storing. Quite possibly the best potato for chips ever!!


After the spuds I picked all the red large tomatoes ( Moneymaker and Stonors).
Washed, cut up, boiled down, blitzed, sieved, seasoned with a knob of butter and a few herbs and made in to tomato soup. 3kg of tomatoes made 4 lots of 500ml tubs of soup. One for tonight and three for freezing.

Toms cut in half. Pan too small so had to move to a bigger one!
Heating away nicely
Giving the tomatoes a blitz
And then forcing through a sieve
Seeds and skins gone. Seasoned with a few herbs, salt & pepper and butter. The soup was simmered for about 30 minutes to remove some of the water and make the soup thicker
Four tubs of soup!




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