July 2017

Phew – just about caught up with my exploits so far, albeit with pretty sketchy comments. Things will get better!

July – a month of picking for now and planting for the future.

My first potato reveal

And my second – with commentary in the future!

Shallots went from this —

To this

Hytech Onions – nearly there

Red Baron Onions – nearly there. Had one last night in my Spaghetti n Meatballs – lush!! Certainly worth growing next year

Giant cabbage on the left – about 1 metre across. Picked the small cauli this morning for tonight’s roast chicken dinner

Corns doing well – soil treated with Nemaslug yesterday. Giant marrow photobombing!


And this is the view I get every time I visit the plot – who wouldn’t want to go there?

Peas picked, eaten, blanched and frozen as required

Big onions doing well

Says it all!

Tumbler Toms – incredible pickings this year!

Runner bean Enorma Elite

Spring Onions galore! Succession planting works.
Celery on the right thrown away, too bitter for me.

Eco Garden – need to balance the plantings, too top heavy = fall over! Clay pots trying to offset the huge tomato crop.

More rhubarb


Kale etc

Bean Bed

Giant Russian Marrow




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