Hot, Hot, Hot

I was up the allotment this morning at 09:30 and I was sweating away nicely even then.
I think my trouble is that I want to get everything done as soon as possible so I rush at it!
Anyway, I managed to get some of the 2nd sowing of Sweetcorn Incredible planted plus a few spare Kohl Rabi & Swedes.
I noticed that a few of the Onion Radar planted in Oct 2017 where shooting up seedheads so I harvested them all. Not a bad harvest!
I watered Nemaslug into the brassica cage as I noticed that there were some holes in the leaves and finally I strimmed the footpaths —- then I went home to cool down.

At home I had a quick look at a few bags of spuds just to see if they were ready yet – they were not!




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