Harvesting & Pruning Chillis

Chillis or Chilis? How do you spell the word? I’ll stick with two Ls as it sounds like chil-lis.
Back to topic! Spent an hour or so picking some chillis and cutting back the plants ready for next year in the hope that they take off quicker than new plants.
Probably going to store them in either the shed of the poly tunnel (not really a poly tunnel but it’s a tunnel and has a poly cover!)
At the end of the video you’ll hear me trying out my new microphone. Even though it is 100% better than the last cheapy one it is still a bit deep and bassy. Logical thinking me – what if the mic is right and the camera is wrong? It was, the camera was set to “wind reduction audio” which makes everything a bit tinny, so hopefully the next video will sound better!!!




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