First Post of 2018

Well, here we go again with another year of gardening!

During the “colder” days I have been planning what to grow where and ordering the seeds that I need. I made an obvious decision, I am only going to grow vegetables that I like! Last year was a bit of a mish-mash of seeing if I like or not with the veg. So things like Chard won’t be getting a look in this year!

On the “warmer” days I have been up the plot pulling up old veg and topping the beds up with some compost and fertiliser. I only lasted half an hour there today – couldn’t feel my fingers!

Just a few photos of parts of the allotment today:

Onion “Radar” coming along nicely —
— as are the “Jermor” shallots.
Garlic bed looking good
Brussel sprout “Igor” and Turnip “Manchester Market” both fed me well
Kale – gradually getting to “like” this veg
And finally a look at the top half of the plot




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