Been Busy Cooking

Hi all,
Still too wet (and cold for me!) to do much in the garden or on the plot so I’ve been cooking and buying more seeds. Oh, and I received the show schedule for the Slimbridge Gardening Club spring show so a bit of planning to do!! If you are local then have a look at the SGC website and why not consider joining?
Here’s a link to our website:

As usual, I have bought too many seeds from too many varieties to grow so I’ll do what I can and give the rest away. There is a “Please help yourself” bench on the allotment so I’ll leave some of the excess there plus this year I am seeking out worthy causes that may need my excess.

I’m having a go at growing Yacon this year – pretty easy apparently. Yacon – probably easier for you to Google it than for me to explain what it is or tastes like. All Ive done so far is to put my 5 growing tips into pots with compost just to stop them drying out. I’ll keep you updated on them as they grow.

When I say been busy cooking, I have been making quite a few soups – both with my soup maker and on the stove top. I love homemade soup, you may have guessed.

Anyway, the only bit of recording I did for the cooking side of life was my killer Lemon Curd. If you try it I hope you like it!
My Lemon Curd


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