April 2017

Well the year got off to a mad start! Bits & pieces bought to help in my voyage of discovery. I built some extra raised beds on the plot and treated the newly discovered raised beds to a makeover. Ooo – what to plant where?

This year there will be as much going on at home as on the allotment – if not more. I realised that there is no point in growing the things I need a mile away from where the are needed quickly – so as far as the allotment is concerned out with the soft fruit bushes, out with the strawberries, out with the herbs and out with the spuds that need watering in pots. I’m too lazy to grow potatoes in the ground and my excuse is that the ground is too stony anyway (the plot is located on an old quarry!)

Leeks & Garlic From 2016 – thermo fleece worked well over winter!

Leeks & Garlic from 2016 Uncovered – Elephant Garlic on the right hand side

Carrot Sandbox Prepared

Big Onions Planted

Gotta Love Broad Bean Flowers – so do Blackflies!!

Chillis Growing Well In “Vitopod”

New Beds At The Top & Bottom Of The Plot



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