April 2016

Not a great deal happened in April: bought a chair (much needed and much used!), a plastic wheelbarrow to help with the compost moving from the car to the plot, a tool store from Lidl (£30) and a cheap compost bin to get me going. Also put a few more pallet collars down and filled them with municipal compost.

LESSON : If you don’t know where your compost is coming from then be prepared for years of weeds! The compost I used from a council recycling depot seemed good – was good for growing – but it was a nightmare weeding it!

Bought a few 30L pots to grow some spuds in but being a novice I did not water them enough and 75% of the tubers had scab.
LESSON: Water the potato pots more!

Planted a few things before the season caught up with me: Strawberries, Pak Choi, Shallots, Beetroot



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