A Quick Visit To The Plot

Just about to go to the plot and it starts raining! Typical.

It turned out to be a shower so I nipped up there quickly – had to go to tidy a few things up and pick some leeks for today’s Potato & Leek Bake.

I’ve cut down the last of the corns and put the stalks & leaves on the compost heap. I’ve left the roots in the ground for now. Only 2 of the ears of corn were worth keeping (only 6 left anyway) so the others I have peeled back and left on the ground for the birds etc to eat.

I’ve finally succumbed and “picked” the last of the big marrows – 26″ long!

Still got a few veg to harvest: Sprouts (for my daughter Carla for Christmas – that’s it just sprouts, no other present LOL), Caulis, Cabbage, Calabrese, Kale plus the Onions Shallots and Garlics for next year.

26″ Marrow!
Onion Radar – all fired and growing well
Shallot Jermor – growing very well
Brussel Sprouts Igor for Carla!
More Brussel Sprouts Igor for Carla!
Over the moon with these Cauliflower Amsterdam – supposedly one of the most difficult veg to grow!
Cauliflower Amsterdam




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