A Few Pics From The Plot

Went up to the plot today (first time in 2 weeks!) just to have a look around.
I ended up being there longer than I wanted – weeding & de-bugging!
Came home with a few leeks and corns for supper though so it can’t be all that bad!

The Broad Beans that I am starting off by “chitting” (video a few days ago) are just showing roots so these will be going into root trainers in a few days
Yet another toad – this one in the new compost bin
Cabbages recovering from a plague of caterpillars. Hearting up nicely!
Calabrese growing well
Cauliflowers spurting along
Still some corn left, Swift F1 nearly all gone but the ones Bryony gave me are still growing (picked 2 for supper)
Garlic starting to poke through
And an onion or two showing as well
Last of the big marrows.




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