4 Aug 2017

Whoo hoo – I’m a grampy again! Yesterday evening my son, Kyle, was taking his partner, Marissa, to hospital as she was having heavy contractions.
Long story cut short – things went a bit quick and Kyle delivered the baby girl in the back of his van!! Mum & baby are fine but they are not too happy at my suggestion of Vanessa as a name for her.

Well today was an 8am early start for me luckily as the heavens opened up here at around 9:30., and then we had thunder for 2 hours!
I popped up the allotment with intention of filming the plot and the onion harvest.
The plot tour was recorded using a lapel microphone – and  I sound like an old trooper! I think I’d rather put up with the unfiltered wind noise that you can hear in the onion video.

Plot Tour


Onion Harvest



Here’s the onions on their drying rack

Marrow and foot!



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