26 Aug 2017

Just got back from the Transition Cam & Dursley Flower and Produce Show – and I did rather well! Four first places, two second places and a Silver Cup for most points in the Vegetable Sections. (Had to hand the cup back but a photo is coming!)
It was great walking around looking at all the cakes and jams etc on display as well as the flowers and veg. Some very talented people around! Might have a go at a cake or a flan myself next year!

The prize cards are: 1st – Orange; 2nd – Yellow; 3rd – Green

1st Prize – 3 Stump Rooted Carrots
1st Prize – Longest Runner Bean (24″ – 61cm)
1st Prize – Collection of Pumpkins, Gourds or Squashes

1st Prize – Heaviest Marrow – 45lb (20kg)
2nd Prize – A Truss of Tomatoes
2nd Prize – 2 Courgettes
Unplaced – 6 Runner Beans – mine are centre top
Prize Cards




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