21 Aug 2017

“A busy(ish) day so far.
Took delivery of my new counter top freezer that I need to store all the veg that I cannot use straight away —– and I made some tomato sauce/puree.
Many thanks to Vivi of the “What Vivi Did Next”  YouTube Channel. I was all ready to make loads of tomato soup until Vivi said in her tomato video “If you make tomato soup you will have tomato soup – if you save the tomatoes as tomatoes you can do what you want with them!” 

Anyway, 2.8kg of Tumbler Tom tomatoes were boiled for one minute, peeled, blitzed and sieved to make three 500ml pots of sauce.

2.8kg (6lb) of Tumbler Toms
Boiled for a minute to loosen the skin, then peeled
Blitzed and sieved to remove the seeds
— and finally put into 500ml tubs for freezing!



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