13 Aug 2017

You’ve really got to love this time of year – harvesting the veg that you have spent so many hours on nurturing them to their peak (or not as the case may be!)
We all have disasters but hopefully we learn from them and try again next year.
The main lesson for me is to COVER THE BRASSICAS . 

Anyway, on to the week just gone: a video about planting brassicas (well netted!) with a piece on how I control slugs. And another video showing the last of my potato reveals. Can’t grumble at growing spuds in 30L pots – so far I have over 52lb (24kg) from 18 seed potatoes.



The marrows are growing well but how can you tell which one is heavier – guess I need to take the bathroom scales to the allotment!

Giant White Russian Marrow


Giant Green Marrow

Harvested a nice load of mixed coloured beetroot today – looks like I will be pickling tomorrow!

Mixed Beetroot

And here are some onions that I may or may not exhibit at a few local shows:

White Onions over250 grammes
White Onions under 250 grammes
Red Onions under 250 grammes




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