9 Nov 2018

Well, everything is just about coming to an end on the allotment for 2018.
Just picking the last of the vegetables over the next month or so as well as getting the beds ready to do it all again next year.
I’ve tidied a few beds today and put down some concentrated manure fertiliser. There’s no point in me using “proper” manure as my beds are pretty much full with compost anyway so just a bit of  GrowOrganic will do.

Bed cleaned up, just a few perpetual onions left
Another 2 beds ready. Probably onions next year?
Savoy Cabbages
Brussels Sprouts coming along ready for Christmas dinner!
Swede and beetroot picked. Think I should have harvested the beetroot sooner!
Garlic bed planted up – plenty to come in 2019 hopefully!
Over-winter onion “Radar” in the top right bed and Shallot “Jermor” in the lower bed

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