Good Things


  • Always grow Tumbler Tom Tomatoes – prolific harvester
  • Use Levington F2+S compost for seed sowing – no bits in it!
  • Compost – Jack’s Magic & Multi Purpose with John Innes, both good
  • Gardening is full of surprises – used some weedkiller at the bottom of the plot and discovered 3 raised beds that I never knew were there under the weeds 🙂
  • SLUGS – Use Nemaslug every 6 weeks for an effective slug prevention campaign – it works! Use a ferric phosphate based slug killer on new sowings & plantings before the 1st dose of Nemaslug. It is organic and pet/frog/toad/hedgehog friendly.
  • Use wood or bark chippings on paths and walkways – no mud on the soles of your boots and nicer to kneel on