2017 Chillis

This page shows my chilli plantings for this year (2017). All chillis were potted on into sequentially larger pots, ending at around 8-9″ pots . The compost used was my own mix of free draining compost (added vermiculite) with extra nutrients and minerals, for example: Seaweed, Charge, Remin. Seeds were started off in a heated Vitopod propogator with LED lighting.

  7-pot Yellow 500,000+ Prolific fruits 12 Oct  
 Basket of Fire 80,000 Producing chillis 25 July  
 Butch T Chocolate 1,500,000 Great yield  
 Carolina Reaper 1,750,000 A bit small but wicked!  
 Carolina Reaper Chocolate 1,750,000 Looking hot!!  
 Cayenne Joe’s Long 20-50,000 Red chillis 10 Sept. 26cm long, mild but lot’s of it!!  
 Cayenne Purple 30-50,000 Good chillis – purple 25 July  
 Cayenne Ring of Fire 30-50,000 V good yield 5th Oct  
 Cayenne Slim 30-50,000
 Hungarian Hot Wax 5-10,000 Pretty good 12 Oct  
 Jalapeno Early 2,5 – 8,000 Fruiting well 20 July  
 Jalapeno Orange 2,5 – 8,000 Dozen Chillis 5th Oct  
 Jalapeno Purple Ghost 2,5 – 8,000 One or two fruits 20 July  
 Jalapeno Tam 2,5 – 8,000 Plenty of mild chillis 5th Oct  
 Submarine 135,000 Dived and never surfaced 🙁
 White Ghost Naga 1,000,000+ Numerous fruits!
12 Oct