Making “Ring of Fire” Cayenne Chilli Powder – and sneezing a lot!

I need to preserve some chillis this year as I have so many.
The first lot will be a few of my “Ring of Fire” (80,000 SHU) Cayenne peppers.
I want to turn these into a chilli powder so they will need drying first.
All I have done with these is pick them, wash them, chop the stalks off and leave them on the side in the kitchen.  Every time I have finished using the oven, microwave, grill etc over the past 2 weeks I have popped the chillis in the oven, in the residual heat, to speed up the drying process.

Today I reckon that they are dry enough to turn them in to chilli powder.

Chilli powder is hot stuff, it burns everything on your body – eyes, nose, lips, private parts etc. WEAR A MASK & GLOVES when opening the spice grinder!

The dry chillis
Half rough ground in my “James Martin ZX789 by Wahl Spice Grinder” (plug purely intentional – I might be famous one day!)
All rough ground and then fine ground . Eyes watering now and sneezing a lot!
Spooned into an old Tesco spice jar
— and labelled.




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